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With close to 30 years of design and development experience in the learning industry, we've learned a thing or two ourselves. For instance, it seems many learning professionals often have to play the role of the "lone wolf" - tasked with creating engaging and effective solutions, all by themselves. And that's the very reason we assembled our pack, so you - and your business - have a strong and reliable companion who can help you deliver Alpha-level learning.

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We love effective and engaging elearning. 


Our namesake represents everything we want our learning solutions to embody.


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Why we're a

Rare Breed

We're a startup, but our passion and skill for designing and creating amazing learning experiences began long ago. As we head down this new trail, we hope to form strong bonds with other individuals and businesses, helping them to build the learning solutions they need to educate their pack - in a efficient, engaging, and cost-effective way.

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Meet the
Leaders of our Pack

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Britney Conrad, M.Ed.

A learning and instructional design professional with more than 15 years of experience – Britney's passion is connecting with clients, uncovering their needs, and working together to create a solution and a long-term relationship.


Britney's Dominant Traits

  • Experienced leader and project manager in the territory of content creation.

  • Skilled at interfacing with clients in order to track down their real needs.

  • Passionate about developing long-term loyal partnerships to fine-tune learning and help clients succeed.

Roanoke College 

Undergraduate degree in Math

Virginia Tech

Masters in Education - Instructional Design

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Chris Webb, M.Ed.

With a learner-centric mentality and a passion for creating engaging learning experiences, Chris brings more than a decade of interactive learning design and development skills.


Chris' Dominant Traits

  • Designing for learner engagement
    and interactivity.

  • Using his development skills only for good -no boring learning!

  • Creating impactful solutions that achieve
    learning objectives AND business goals.

University of Virginia 

Undergraduate degree in Psychology
& Political Science

Radford University

Masters in Education - Educational Technology

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Don't be a lone wolf, join our pack today!

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