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With more than 25 years of design and development experience, we bring a fiercely creative team to help you build and deliver custom learning solutions that achieve the learner outcomes and business goals you've
been hunting for.

We'll take the information and knowledge base
that's most valuable to your company, and turn
into powerful and actionable elearning.

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We make



 At Lobo 


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We love effective and engaging elearning.

Our namesake represents everything

we want our learning solutions to embody.


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A Rare Breed
of learning Solutions


WHY eLearning?

Awesome learning solutions should be memorable, relevant, concise, engaging, and easily accessible, just to name a few of our favorite features. And eLearning not only has the power to achieve changes in behavior and desired business outcomes, it also meets the needs and desires of modern learners.


So why eLearning? Check out these benefits...


saves time

Learners can access content anytime and anywhere they want, saving them time and allowing them to learn during optimal conditions for them.

Studies have shown eLearning requires 40-60% less time than traditional classroom training.


reduces cost

Classroom-based training requires a professional trainer to deliver content and often times expensive meeting space (not to mention associated travel costs). However, eLearning doesn't demand any of the above expenses and also lowers costs by requiring less time to learning proficiency.


maximizes retention

 Studies show eLearning demonstrates up to a 60% increase in knowledge retention over classroom-based training. Various types of media, opportunities for interaction and the ability to experience the learning when and where they want lead to high engagement levels. 


increases productivity

It is estimated that eLearning can improve productivity by 50%. Increases in productivity are attributed to learners being able to access content when it is convenient to them or when they need information, during the flow of work or even outside of traditional work hours.


provides scalability

With a one-time investment to design and build a complete solution, a learning module can be accessed by one employee for a unique and specific training need or rolled out to thousands of employees for a company-wide training initiative. All at no additional costs.

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offers personalization

Perhaps most important to learners, eLearning provides the ability to create custom learning paths for individual learners. No more one-size fits all training. Instead, learners can pick and choose (or managers can assign) the content that is right for them!

Why eLearning
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Here's howl we can help you deliver amazing learning solutions

Custom Course

Have great content that's vitally important for your learners to know and understand, but unsure how to build and deliver an amazing learning experience? We specialize in designing custom online learning that will wow your learners, meet your business objectives and exceed your expectations.

Visual Design
& Branding

Let's face it, the branding, usability and look & feel of your learning solutions are important. Our team of design experts create interactive and engaging elearning that supports your learners and your brand.


Perhaps you have an existing document, presentation or elearning module that needs a facelift? We'll be happy to provide you with a new and engaging piece of learning.


Today's modern learner has less time than ever to dedicate to formal learning opportunities. Our microlearning delivers short, highly engaging lessons that your learners can easily access in the flow of a typical work day.


Once we meet with you and your team to determine your learning needs and overall project scope, we'll take it from there! Whether its course storyboarding and proof of concept prototyping or audio recording and module development, we'll keep your project on track in order to meet your timeline.


Presenting at an upcoming meeting, conference or TedTalk? Want a killer presentation to go along with your amazing topic and engaging personality? You've come to the right place. Lobo can develop a custom presentation (and other supporting materials) to fit any occasion.


And much more!

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 Instructional Design 

We understand how adults learn in their natural habitat.


Our experienced instructional design team will take your existing content and make it interactive and engaging to ensure learning transfer. 

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 Visual Appeal 

Always hunting for
the right look.


Our creative team will design unique and professional learning experiences that fit your topic and your brand.

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 Learner Engagement 


We think boring learning should be extinct.


Who says you can't have a howling good time while you learn? We'll create a custom, engaging (and even fun!) learning experience, just for you.

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Feast your eyes on just a few
of our sample projects

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